Tides of War

By: C. Alexander London


This book is about an adult named Cory and his brother Aaron that liked to surf. There was a terrible accident and his younger brother was attacked by a shark, but luckily there was a dolphin to scare the shark away. In that attack his brother got a chunk taken out of his side but he still lived. Cory tried to join the Navy SEALs because he wanted to be in some type of force but he failed. Even though he failed he still had the potential to be in the Navy. Cory and his dolphin with the Navy SEALs went on a top secret mission to destroy a stealth-sub that the Navy put in Northern Japan's waters to spy on them. But why did they have to destroy the stealth-sub, because the stealth-sub got lost in their waters and what better way to find it than with a dolphin. So they had to go on a boat to get to the sub where Kaj could find it. When they got there and the dolphin got released into the water a Japanese trawler came and saw Kaj as he was taking a breath. Then they shined a bright light on him and aimed harpoons at him. Cory was scared and thought they were going to shoot Kaj, but before they could Landon, the captain of his Navy SEAL squad, shot and missed a gunshot and that got their attention. They then aimed their harpoons at the SEALs' boat and shot. There was a big hole in the middle of their boat. Cory then jumped into the water where he thought he would be safe. When he came back up he saw Landon floating in the water and he swam over to him and took him to the boat where the other SEALs were. The other SEALs were under water going to board the trawler. On the trawler there were not only fishermen, but there was also a Japanese Navy commando team on board. When the other SEALs boarded they were immediately captured as prisoners. But the SEALs were not going to leave their men behind. So they followed the trawler so they could get them back. They then caught up with the trawler when it was stopped in the middle of the ocean. Cory climbed aboard and went to a hiding spot at the front of the boat and then Kaj popped his head out of the water. Then Cory got an idea, he would make Kaj do tricks to distract the fishermen and commando team. So Kaj did that and it definitely got their attention. They all came up to watch Kaj do his tricks. Then Cory came out of his hiding spot and demanded them to surrender and drop their weapons. Then the other SEALs came up to help and one of the SEALs drove the trawler back to their boat. When they got there Kaj had to find the sub again. A couple minutes later Kaj popped back out of the water. Two of the SEALs got there scuba gear on, grabbed C4 explosives and followed Kaj to the sub. When they came back up they got on the trawler and went to a safe distance to detonate the explosives. The sub exploded with a large boom, and then they went back to their ship.
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Why I would read this book again

I recommend this book to other people because, it's a book that makes you want to read more of it every time you stop reading. Another reason is because if you like engaging books then it's for you. This is a fantastic book and I would totally read it again.

The dolphin

One of the main characters is the dolphin named Kaj. Kaj is an important character because he has to find the stealth-sub. So why did they choose a dolphin you ask, because dolphins have a form of radar like airplanes have but theirs are natural. The dolphins use a series of clicks and whistles to find where they're going. They do the same with their name.
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Cory is the main character of this story. He is the trainer of Kaj. He's also one of the people on the dolphin team. Cory does what he is suppose to do, but he's scared that there is a shark everywhere the team goes. He's also an important character because he does most of the things in the story. He's in charge of directing Kaj where to go and watching over him. He was also in charge of boarding the trawler. This is how I know that Cory is the main character.

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