Periodic Families

Aymen Ali

Group 1 alkali metals

1. The reactivity of alkali metals increase from the top of group 1A to the bottom.

2.they have one valence electron and are extremely reactive.

Group 1 - The Alkali Metals

Group 2. Alkaline earth metals

1. All alkaline earth metal have 2 valence electrons.

2.magnesium plays a key role in the process that uses sunlight to produce sugar in plants.

Beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, baryium, radium

clip - Alkaline earth metals (5)

The Noble gases

1.They are colorless and odorless.

2.Their melting and boiling points are close together giving them a very narrow liquid range.

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Halogens group 3

1. halogens are diatomic

2.halogens are very reactive elements

  • Fluorine (F) 9
  • Chlorine (Cl): 17
  • Bromine (Br): 35
  • Iodine (I): 53
  • Astatine (At): 85
The Halogens