Superintendent Weekly Update

from the desk of Kathy Amos

September 10, 2021

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Looking Forward to the Fun Things in Life!

I know we are sooooo ready to get back to regular, traditional everyday life. Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most to us as we try to look forward to the special events that make us happy. There is an event next Thursday and Friday that I am definitely looking forward to, the YCS 5th Graders Toes in the Toe! Teressa Hartsell, a Science Teacher at MHHS, and her crew of scientists and biologists make science come alive while learning ankle deep in the majestic South Toe River.

The kids laugh, discover natural wonders in the water, and splash about a bit! I visited the stations that were set up and I was most amazed by the fish tank. The students and biologists locate different species in the water and place them in a fish tank for a short amount of time for observation purposes. I have trout fished all my life and I had never seen a NC Elk Toe!

The trip means more than scientific discoveries. As you watch the kids interact, ask challenging questions, think critically and communicate, they do so with ease. They work through their frustrations and fears while encouraging each other as they learn.

My the things we learn from spending time with our awesome kids while doing the little fun things in life.

Can you feel it??

It was 48 degrees this morning in some parts of the county. FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES! And I love it!!

Football .... pumpkins .... crisp mornings .... and North Carolina apples! It doesn't get any better than that!

Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend in our gorgeous mountains!!

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North Carolina is continuing to experience high levels of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations among those who are unvaccinated due to the more infectious Delta variant.

The increase in COVID-19 rates due to the Delta variant is leading some business owners to require their employees to be vaccinated. Additionally, some are also requiring proof of vaccination for patrons. Vaccine verification is another measure that can help keep people safe.

It is critical that unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people get fully vaccinated to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and its more severe outcomes. The COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States continue to be remarkably effective. Nearly all cases of severe disease, hospitalization and death continue to occur among those not fully vaccinated. Recent data in NCDHHS' weekly respiratory surveillance report shows that unvaccinated people are over 15 times more likely to die from COVID-19.

We need to layer up our protection to fight this more contagious Delta variant and weather this storm: Vax up, mask up and urge others to do the same.

To get a vaccine near you, visit (English) or (Spanish) or call 888-675-4567. You can also text your zip code to 438829 to find vaccine locations near you.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment for COVID-19 Expanded

Governor Roy Cooper signed an Executive Order to make it easier for North Carolinians to access to monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19. If taken early the treatment can decrease the risk of severe disease, hospitalization and death.

A statewide standing order for monoclonal antibody treatment will make it easier for people with COVID-19 symptoms, particularly those with less access to a regular health care provider, to get this potentially life-saving treatment. Under the order, treatment could be provided in a medically supervised community setting, such as at COVID-19 testing sites.

As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations surge across North Carolina, the use of monoclonal antibodies for treatment of COVID-19 increased by 18-fold since late June from 100 administrations for the week of June 23 to 1,874 for the week of Aug. 11.

While vaccines provide the best protection from COVID-19, treatment options such as monoclonal antibodies are available if you have had symptoms of COVID-19 for 10 days or less or have been exposed to COVID-19. Ask your doctor about monoclonal antibodies or call 1-877-332-6585 (English) or 1-877-366-0310 (Spanish) to learn more.