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September 3, 2020 - Social Media Edition

All the News from the Coolest Little School in South Austin!

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Principal's Message

Happy Thursday!

I can't believe that next week we begin the virtual start to school! I can't believe it is finally here!

It's been so wonderful seeing so many familiar faces pull through the driveways today and yesterday! I know getting school materials looks a little different this year, but we have tried to make a fun experience for everyone. A huge should out and thank you to our amazing Teaching Assistants who did all the assembly and to Ms. Rodriguez for organizing the entire event!

In this week's edition of the Cobra Messenger you will find:

* Information about Attendance

*Tips for Managing Stress

*Tips for Setting up an at-home works space for your student(s)

Last week we shared what student schedules look like. I am including it again this week to help families plan:

Pre-Kindergarten 4


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Below you will find a newly created Handbook for Blend and Seesaw - created by our wonderful AISD Academics Department. Please check out this great resource to help you prepare for the virtual schooling.

We hope you enjoyed Meet the Teacher! We can't wait to see everyone on Tuesday!

From a Distance,

Heather Petruzzini


A Handbook for Blend & Seesaw

Your one-stop-shop as a Caregiver for Blend (all grades) and Seesaw (for Pk - 2nd).

Mensaje de Directora

¡Feliz jueves!

¡No puedo creer que la próxima semana ya comenzamos nuestras clases virtuales! ¡No puedo creer que finalmente ya estamos aquí!

¡Ha sido maravilloso ver tantas caras conocidas pasar por la entrada de nuestra escuela tanto el día de ayer como el día de hoy! Sé que la forma de recibir sus materiales escolares se ve un poco diferente este año, pero hemos tratado que sea una experiencia divertida para todos. ¡Un enorme agradecimiento a nuestros increíbles Asistentes de Maestros que ayudaron con la distribución y a la Sra. Rodríguez por organizar este evento!

En la edición de esta semana del Cobra Messenger encontrara:

* Información sobre Asistencia a clases

* Consejos para manejar el estrés

* Consejos para preparar un espacio de trabajo en casa para su (s) estudiante (s)

La semana pasada compartimos con ustedes cómo serán los horarios de los estudiantes. Lo incluyo nuevamente esta semana para ayudar a las familias a planificar sus horarios:

Pre-Kindergarten 4


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

También encontrará nuestro Manual de Procedimientos de Blend y Seesaw (aplicaciones de instrucción para los alumnos) recién creado por nuestro maravilloso Departamento Académico de AISD. Consulte esta excelente herramienta que lo ayudará a prepararse para la educación virtual.

¡Esperamos que hayan disfrutado mucho el Conocer a su Maestro (Meet the Teacher)! ¡Esperamos con ansías verlos a todos el martes!

Saludos a distancia,

Heather Petruzzini


Un Manual de Blend y Seesaw

Tu ventanilla unica como cuidador para Blend (todos los grados) y Seesaw (para PreK-2do)

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September 7th: 7:00 p.m. Read Aloud with the Principal - Cunnigham Cobras Facebook Page

September 8th: First day of School for the Virtual Village

  • 2:45pm - Schoolwide Assembly via Zoom
  • see your email for information

September 11th: 8:00 - First Schoolwide Friday Assembly featuring Ms. Petruzzini, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. O'Connor, and Ms. Quigley. We will host this every Friday morning via Zoom and then repost later on the Cunningham Cobras social media channels. (Yes, we will still give out character awards every Friday!)

  • Friday Morning Meeting Zoom Link
  • See your email for more information

September 24th: 6:00 - 7:30 Back-to-School Night - Homeroom Teachers will Send out Zoom


October 6th: Restart Phase-In Begins - more information forthcoming

October 12th: Staff Development, No School For Students

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Virtual Learning Tips To Battle Stress & Fatigue

Dear Families,

No matter what your schedule looks like, at some points your child will be sitting and staring at a screen. Teachers are working hard to build in movement breaks and brain breaks but virtual learning can be difficult for some. Author and LCSW, Katie Hurley, has some great tips to help reduce stress and fatigue during virtual learning.

1. Keep a stress ball or silly putty handy to relieve tension. I ask kids to do this under the desk or out of sight of the camera so they don’t distract other kids.

2. Encourage your kids to take sketch notes. This is a combination of drawing or sketching key points (doodling helps retain info!) and writing key words. It’s both relaxing and helps with focus.

3. Always have water nearby. A dehydrated brain is an anxious brain.

4. If the teacher gives a break, use it. Go outside for a breath of fresh air, try jumping jacks for energy, walk around the home, do some yoga poses, walk like your favorite animal, etc.

5. For older tweens and teens, a calming herbal tea with honey can help sustain focus and decrease stress.

6. Have those grab and go healthy snacks ready! They need brain food!

7. Expect ups and downs. This is a lot of change. It’s hard.

8. Empathy, connection, compassion - this is how we help them adjust.

Parents/Guardians/Caretakers - Don’t forget to take of you too. You are under a lot of pressure and this current reality may feel overwhelming and stressful. Give yourself grace as you navigate through this difficult time.

Scroll down for more tips on setting up your learning space!

With Peace, Love, and Gratitude,

Ms. O’Connor

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Understanding Attendance

Attendance is important to promote student engagement in learning.

Beginning in the 2020–21 school year, students who engage in on-campus or remote learning, such as attending a virtual Zoom class or completing and submitting assigned work independently, are considered engaged. All classes will have attendance posted to indicate students were “present” to reflect participation.

Cunningham staff will work with families and students to ensure that instruction is delivered and students have engaged in coursework no matter the method of delivery.

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Comprendiendo la Asistencia

La asistencia es importante para fomentar la participación de los estudiantes en el aprendizaje.

A partir del ciclo escolar 2020-21, los estudiantes que participen del aprendizaje en el plantel o remoto, es decir que asistan a una clase virtual de Zoom o completen y envíen el trabajo asignado de forma independiente, se consideran participantes. Todas las clases tendrán la asistencia publicada para indicar que los estudiantes estuvieron "presentes" y así reflejar su participación.

Maestros de Cunningham trabajarán con las familias y los estudiantes para garantizar que se imparta la instrucción y que los estudiantes participen de las tareas del curso sin importar el método de enseñanza.

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Setting Up Your Workspace

Local chiropractor gives tips on setting up virtual learning workspace for kids

School Supply List

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