Kristi's Korner

January 25, 2016

Quote of the Week

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

--Martin Luther King Jr.


I struggled with my topic this week. Most weeks, Kristi's Korner just seems to arrive gift-wrapped on the page and the words just seem to flow. This week, however, was different. I think it was partly because I couldn't formulate my many ideas into one cohesive thought and partly because of my passion. I apologize up front for the rambling.

As we celebrated the great man of Martin Luther King this week, I felt a bit uneasy. I wondered if that is enough. It isn't that I think Dr. King shouldn't be honored. Look at what he did. What he stood for. What he sacrificed. I think my uneasiness comes from moving forward. Martin Luther King was a man with a dream. While this is to be admired and studied, what do we do from here? Merely looking back with wonder does not move us. What do we do now? While I think it is hard to argue that great gains have been made since Dr. King's time, I worry that my son will still experience a world that does not judge everyone for the content of their character. I have already experienced people looking at him and judging him for the color of his skin. However, I cannot just sit around and worry. I must instead take an active role in changing our world as King did. While he was a dreamer, he was also a man of action. What am I going to do to continue his journey toward racial equality not only for Atticus but for all our students of color. Our black students do not have the same advantages as our white children.

We must do it in our own corner of the world. We must start with ourselves. We must start with the students who sit in front of us. So what can we do about this?

For me this journey started in my work with my participation in race and equity. And really the first year was just about reflection and dialogue. This reflection and dialogue changed me. I am such a better teacher and person for it. I have attached a couple of reads if this is something that interests you: (upcoming documentary about this very topic filmed in St. Louis)

News and Notes

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Behavior Management:

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What is Edcamp: (If this intrigues you, one is coming up in St. Louis on February 6. I am going. Best pd ever!)

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Life Hack Tips of the Week

I have tried the cell phone has rocked my charging world:$7zPdog/