Life As A Enslaved Woman

Colonial Virginia

Working Women

Women work hard to please their owners.For starters we have to cook,clean,tend the gardens, and take care of the animals and children.

My Mistress

This is my Mistress Helena.She can be nice when the other servants aren't messing up her evening!She is nice to me and she says that I work very hard and well.

The Food

Do you see the food on this table?My food is different.Even though I get better food than the other servants because my Mistress likes my more than the others.We get bread meat beer and maybe some cake.

My Clothes

I get clothes to last a whole week(until I have to wash them again).They are pretty nice clothes.I also have some nice shoes.

My Living Quarters

My living quarters are descent.They are small, but I am thankful to even have a place to sleep.

The Animals

The animals are a lot of work.They need to be cleaned, given shots, b