Glitter Spa Treatment ℠

Only the Best For Your Best Friend

2013 is a New Year for Your Pet's Coat, Make it the Perfect Start to a New Year of Pampering

The Glitter Spa Treatment℠ is a new service offered by Las Vegas / Henderson Dog groomer Glitter Groomer Sarah 702-630-0612. All natural products, and aromatherapy that make your pet's coat feel like a mink and sparkle with bling. Read more...

Live in or Visiting the 702 Area With your Pet? Make time for a Vegas Pet Spa Day!

With the Glitter Spa Treatment™, your pet will feel like silk and smell fantastic!
If you are the type who loves to spoil your pet, or want to give your best friends an extra special day... make an appointment for a Glitter Spa Treatment℠! Nothing but the best products and care will be given to your furry family member. Your pet will leave smelling great, with a silky soft coat, feeling fabulous, and prancing around knowing they are the best looking dog on the block!

  • WARNING: Your pet might act a little more divalicious after their Glitter Spa Treatment℠.

This is How Las Vegas Lavishes Pets

Your pet will be pampered with Soft Clean Blankets, Water Bowls, *Food Dishes, Calming Music, Lavender Aromatherapy, Teeth Brushing, Specialty Shampoo, Specialty Conditioner, Face and Neck Mud Pack, Complete Fluff Dry, Glitter Coat/Skin Conditioning Spray or tea tree spray, Manicured Paws (clear nail polish *colored requested), stylish bows or bandanas, final pictures.
*Owner must bring pet food

  • Lavender Pet Aromatherapy Treatment to help calm your pet. According to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, lavender helps to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. In a case study, with 32 dogs traveling in cars, those exposed to the smell of lavender were much more relaxed. Results of the study show that diffused lavender odor may be a better alternative, to drugs that could have adverse effects. It has also been reported that dogs suffering from separation anxiety, and many other types of stress, may benefit from lavender aromatherapy.
  • Completely Natural Dog Specialty Shampoos and Conditioners clean gently and naturally, leaving your dogs' coat brilliantly shiny, soft, supple and heavenly smelling. Best of all, they contain no harsh soaps or noxious chemicals, so you never have to worry about what might be left behind on your dog or the environment (or you, for that matter!)
  • The Glitter Mud Bath Treatment can be added for the entire pet body and not only the face at an additional cost. Mud Bath Conditioning Treatment conditions, re-hydrates and rebuilds the coat while pampering your pet.
  • Natural Conditioning Spray natural, gentle and earth-friendly conditioning spray for pets; contains natural soy conditioners to silken and shine the coat. Pleasant Lavender scent.
  • A Complete Dog Fluff Dry of your pet is time consuming yet it ensures your pet sheds less, has a silky coat, or is completely fluffy, has straight hair, and is mat free if your pet is a longer coated animal. Fluff drying ensures that longer or thicker coated pets are easier to maintain between grooming sessions. 99% of dogs enjoy fluff drying, and feel pampered when their coat is completely brushed through while warm air is blowing through it. (hand drying is also recommended for short hair breeds for less shedding)
  • Sparkle and Shine Shimmering Mist is a finishing spray that gives a hint of glitter to your dogs coat. This mist also moisturizes and restructures your pets coat leaving it silky, smooth and bright. The natural ingredients, including the all natural mica, work to repel dust and dirt from your pets coat keeping your special dog extra clean longer. The Sparkle & Shine Shimmering Mist does not contain any harmful ingredients like SLS or paraffins and uses a coconut based surfactant.
  • Tea Tree Hot Spot & Itch Relief Spritz additionally re-moisturizes skin and coat, & imparts a healthy shine and supple softness - without leaving oily residue. Sumptuous premium conditioners, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera and vitamin E help to condition, soothe & rehydrate skin while creating show quality shines. (For those who do not want glitter mist spray.)
  • Pet Manicures consists of trimming the nails, filing of nails, shaping of the free hair around the nail - pads - top of paw, treatments, massage of the paw, mud "paw" bath, conditioning paw butter, and the application of clear polish to the front paw nails. (Colored upon request)
  • Stylish Pet Bling Bows and Bling Bandanas are hand selected based on the season and your pet's personality for ultimate cuteness. Final images are posted on Glitter Groomer Facebook for pet parents to share.

The Glitter Package can be added to any regular bath, hair cut, or de-shed appointment.
Glitter Groomer Demonstrates How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth (Las Vegas / Henderson Dog Groomer)

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