Innovative Teaching Program


The Innovative Teaching Program (ITP) aims to encourage faculty's use of new teaching strategies and technologies in a modern, flexible, technology-rich learning environment. In partnership with a Teaching Mentor and an Educational Technologist, the faculty will redesign classroom activities, put them into practice, and reflect on his/her teaching practices.


What's In It For Me?

  1. Time to examine and reflect on teaching and make changes to selected activities
  2. 3-credits teaching equivalency release
  3. Opportunity to teach in the new ED-104 classroom equipped as a technology-rich, flexible learning environment
  4. Support for using new teaching and technology strategies

If Selected, What Do I Have to Do?

  1. Redesign at least four classroom activities which will be licensed as Creative Commons
  2. Maintain a Personal Teaching Blog detailing your learning and reflections of the process (publically viewable).
  3. Reflect on data comparing classes for pre and post implementation.
  4. Allow video-recording of classroom activities to be included in a “library” of innovative teaching examples.
  5. Enter Learning Outcome Assessments into Tk20.
" can't just drop new innovations into a classroom and hope that the instructor will invent effective ways to use them. To fully utilize a new teaching technology, you often need to invent new teaching practices as well."
John Seely Brown, Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California

Selection into this program is a tremendous privilege. It demonstrates the commitment Leeward CC has to supporting faculty interested in excelling as innovative teachers.