The Declaratory Act


The declaratory act is for a better secure dependency of the majesty's dominions upon the crown and parliament of great britain.



Several representatives houses in his majesty colonies and plantation have a late against law , claimed to themselves or to the general assemblies. Exclusive right to of imposing duties and taxes upon the majesty's duties. The king majesty's with the advice and consent of the lords and commons of great britain in parliament assembled had , and , of right to ought to have full power , and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and validity to bind the colonies and people of america . Be it further declared and enacted by the authority a foresaid. That all resolutions votes , orders , and proceedings in any of the colonies or plantations.Whereby the power and the authority of the parliament of great britain to make laws and statutes as foresaid is denied or drawn into question and are here by declared to be null and viod to all in purpose whatsoever.