Cordelia Hills Community Update


Principal's Message

I don't think my brain can actually process the information for the start of the school year fast enough. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR BEING PATIENT. School will happen and it will be the best we can possibly offer. Please don't hesitate to reach out, to ask questions, and to ask for help. Your questions help us develop our thinking. We don't always know what families need or want and the emails/texts/phone calls help us work through it all.


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Change to Townhall Meeting Date

Cordelia Hills Elementary, Green Valley Middle School and Nelda Mundy Elementary will host a 2nd Q and A session for families, tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11th at 4:00 PM. PLEASE NOTE DATE AND TIME CHANGE.

We will make a very short presentation and then open it up for families. If you have any questions you want to send beforehand, please email or and note there will be time to ask questions on the spot. THIS IS OPEN to Cordelia Hills, Green Valley and Nelda Mundy parents and guardians only.

Link to meeting:

It will also be live streaming on the Cordelia Hills Facebook page.

I need a device, how will I get one for my child?


Any new student who is not in possession of a district Chromebook (all incoming K, most incoming 1st grades, some incoming 2nd graders, and ALL new students):

Pick-Up of new devices starts Thursday, August 13th and Friday, August 14th

Time: 9:00-2:30

Where: Cordelia Hills. Pull up along the main parking lot curb. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. Someone will come to your car and ask for the student name.

Need to know: Please have a sign/card with your child's name.

What will I get: Chromebook, Battery Cord, Information on how to sign-in, student username and password

Who do I email if I have questions: For now, please email Once our library tech is complete online with an email, I will share her name and she will be able to help with any technology needs.

How will I find out my child's teacher?

On Wednesday, August 12th, families should receive an automated email from our Aeries student information system. The email should direct you on how to create an Aeries Portal. This will allow you to see the demographic information for your students, to change that information, and to also see your child's teacher. The email will be a "do-not-reply" and I will send a reminder before the email comes from them.

Also, it is possible that teachers may start contacting you on Wednesday. I am asking them to make live contact with every family before the first day of school. Lastly, I am not entertaining or responding to any class requests or changes at this time.


We are still working on a schedule to distribute materials, curriculum, and supplies. I will get this out as soon as I can but do not expect it to happen until AFTER school starts.


Every teacher will make contact with families before August 19th. I am asking them to make live contact (not just a greeting email) by either phone, virtual meeting, or via an introductory video.

The first three days will focus on understanding the expectations, meeting the teacher, meeting each other, and for teachers to help parents. Please note that final time requirements and expectations are still being negotiated and determined.

Front Office Appointments

If you need to stop by our main office, please call ahead to make an appointment at 707-864-1905 or email our secretary Please bring your mask and all paperwork needed for registration (birth certificate, shot record, 2- proof of residency, and other school records that you may have). Thank you for your patience as we are getting all of our students into classes as fast as we can!

If you are simply wanting to turn in updated shot records, please email them to our nurse Thank you!

Orientation and Beginning of School Year Information!! (updated)

We are unable to host any IN-PERSON meetings at this time.

Some individual teachers are arranging before school activities with families and will contact you directly. Every kindergarten teacher will host a virtual meet and greet orientation on Tuesday, August 18th. They will email you directly to arrange your attendance.

If you are a new family, and you would like to arrange a time to chat with me about our school, please email me and I will set up a specific virtual meeting time.

Parent Support Grounds Through PTA

Hey, join our 'Kinder' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

Hey, join our '1st Grade' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

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Cordelia Hills/Phases

FSUSD has created a Phased Plan for those who will remain enrolled at CHE for the 2020-2021 school year. Below is a short description of each phase:

Phase 5: Full in-person school under regular/Pre-COVID operating standards.

Phase 4: Full in-person school with safety protocols in place (5 days a week)

Phase 3: No more than 50% of students attending school at any given time (two days a week)

Phase 2: No more than 25% of students attending school at any given time (one day a week)

Phase 1: 100% of students engaged in distance learning. Few/No students on campus.

Currently, FSUSD is planning for Phase 1. That decision will be reviewed in October.