Pregnancy and Childbirth


Parental Care

Do: Check in with your OB/GYN often.

Don't: Take drugs or drink alcohol

Nutrition: Eat healthy foods, Avoid high sodium/transfat foods.

Excercise: Stay active if you were before getting pregnant. Sex is fine until the 3rd trimester.


The water breaks, contractions begin, the cervix dilates, the baby prepares to pass through the vagina.


The delivery of the baby from the mothers body; either vaginal delivery or C-Section.


The delivery of the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic sac out of the mother 's body after the baby is born.
Exercise During Pregnancy

1st Trimester

Baby-primitive face begins to form, ears begin to form,and the baby's body shape is completely form.

Mom-Placenta forms, embroyo begins to move, greatest likelyhoof to have miscarriage

2nd Trimester

Baby-can beging to make faces, skin becomes covered in vernix caseona, baby's eyes open

Mom-Ultrasounds can be used, baby's movement can be felt, baby can be born around 23 weeks and still survive

3rd Trimester

Baby-bones are fully developed, breathing begins, baby can detect light

Mom-backaches, Braxton Hicks contractions, breast enlargement