Valentine's Breakfast & Read In

Friday February 13th- 7:55-9:00am


All of the 4th grade teachers will be out of the classroom in the afternoon on Friday. In order to celebrate and exchange Valentine's with our students- we are each doing a Breakfast & Read In!

What does my child need?

  • A container to hold their Valentines. I told the students it had to be Upcycled (or created from recycled goods!). They can get as creative with this as they would like!
  • Equal Valentine's to share with the whole class. We would hate for anyone to be left out- or treated unfairly. They can be store bought, hand made, or edible! No allergies in our class.
  • No special gifts- i.e: No flowers or Special presents for best friends. Please exchange these outside of school so that no one feels left out.

Food The Kids Would Love to Munch ON!

SIGN UP HERE if you are bringing food or volunteering!

  • Silver Dollar Pancakes (with a parent and a griddle)
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothies (with a parent and a blender)
  • Bagels & Strawberry Cream Cheese
  • Muffins- Blueberry /Cinnamon/Pumpkin
  • Banana Bread
  • Doughnut Holes
  • Croissants
  • Biscuits & Apple Butter
  • Yogurt & Granola
  • Fruit Salad (grapes & strawberries especially)
  • Harris Teeter- Bacon off the Hot Bar
  • Orange Juice
  • Hot Chocolate

Mrs. Rigsby's Class Names (for Valentines)

  • Flora Barrier
  • Eli Berry
  • Anna Kate Clark
  • Martavis Davis
  • Graham Edwards
  • Skyelar Fitzgerald
  • Keegan Gillmon
  • Stella Harrod
  • Mario Diaz
  • Sophie Johnson
  • Sari Lee
  • Albert Lopez-Valdez
  • Avery McHargue
  • Gantt McIver
  • Riley Ranke
  • Tristan Neal
  • Kenyatta Norman
  • Noah Ramm
  • RJ Redfern
  • Abby Sayers
  • Iris Schreiner
  • Caroline Warren
  • Matthew Wells
  • Summer Willard
  • Donia Zwieg