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Hi Findley Families!

It is so wonderful to be back at school school! I have spent the last three months at home with my new baby boy, Jude. He's growing fast and is a happy, healthy little boy. He brings our family so much joy! I couldn't help myself and included a picture of him for you to see :)

Speaking of joy, it brought me SO much joy to see students during hybrid instruction for the first time in over a year! My heart was bursting! It's been wonderful to see students on Wednesdays for SEL lessons on zoom and at the weekly lunch groups per grade level. It truly is such an honor getting to be the school counselor at Findley and I am excited to finish the year out with your children!

Please reach out to me or Mrs. Hargrave, we are here to support you and your family. Thank you for being such an incredible community to serve. We appreciate you!

Emily Gotfried

Setting Authentic Boundaries

The Pandemic Parent Burn Out...

Are you feeling that parent burn out from the pandemic? It's been difficult because in many cases parents have been their child's "everything" this past year-- parent, teacher, friend, coach... and as we start to re-enter life and incorporate a new sense of normal, we may need to revisit some boundaries with our children. It's challenging to remember that we don't have to always "do it all" and it's ok to teach your child that you need to take care of yourself too.

I came across the idea of setting authentic boundaries with our children and it really resonated with me (as an educator, but also as a parent). These graphics are from the Curious Parenting website and I wanted to share them with you as a tool to help you think about setting these boundaries with your children. I know I will be using them in my home and working to find a more sustainable and a more balanced approach as we head into summer.

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
"We show kids what a boundary looks like, which means they will be able to set boundaries in their own lives."

Wednesday SEL Lessons and State Testing 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

We realize that many students will be taking their state tests during our SEL lessons for the next 2 months. We always do a recorded lesson and link it to our YouTube Channel for students who miss our lessons for whatever reason. We will share the link in our Seesaw Announcement on Wednesday mornings.

You can also view it here:

We understand that students can't be in two places at once and not to worry about missing the lessons. We hope they will still try and complete the Seesaw activities and rejoin once they are done with testing. You do not need to email us when they are going to miss.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Upcoming SEL Lessons

Our focus for the remainder of the year with our 1st-5th graders will be peer relationships. The lessons will cover identifying the qualities important to friendships, practice providing peers and classmates with support (I've Got Your Back) and practice effective ways for handling bullying situations.

Kindergarteners will continue to learn how to problem solve using Kelso's Choices. Students will be practicing solving small problems on their own using Kelso's Choices and also identifying when it's time to get help from an adult.

K -

May 19th Live Zoom and Seesaw Lesson: Kelso's Choices

May 26th Seesaw Lesson Only

1 -

May 19th Live Zoom and Seesaw Lesson: Being Inclusive

May 26th Seesaw Lesson Only

2 -

May 19th Live Zoom and Seesaw Lesson: Being Inclusive

May 26th Seesaw Lesson Only

3 -

May 19th Seesaw Lesson Only

May 26th Live Zoom and Seesaw Lesson: Battle the Bullies

4 -

May 19th Seesaw Lesson Only

May 26th Live Zoom and Seesaw Lesson: Battle the Bullies

5 -

May 19th Seesaw Lesson Only

May 26th Live Zoom and Seesaw Lesson: Battle the Bullies

Clothes For Kids

As students slowly return to in-person learning and as the weather changes, please remember that Clothes for Kids, formerly known as the Clothes Closet, is open and is well stocked!

Clothes for Kids, previously known as the Clothes Closet, is open and well stocked! The link to schedule an online Clothes for Kids Appointment is under the Families tab on the District's website. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. or on Wednesdays between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Appointments are not needed to make a donation. For the program, donations are best when the program is open during the times listed above. Or, there are two donation bins on the walkway in front of the program that are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Take good care, Findley Community!