History of Music

By: Areona Alexander

On April 9,1860 the first song was made it was called "Clair de la Lune" and it was sang by a woman and it was French Folk that a French Inventor named Edward Leon Scott built a device that responds to sound to etch the lines onto paper via the soot from an oil lamp.

A group of audio historians called "First Sounds" been working to archive the early recording so they worked with Persian Mr. Giovanni that archived the sound from paper at the Lawrence Barkley National Laboratory.

The first type of music to be made was Ancient Music in 500 A.D in Europe and they used rocks, sticks, and i.e to make music because they most readily available at the time and because the most advanced instruments their evolution was slow and steady.

By 4000 B.C.E the Egyptians created harps and flutes and by 3500 B.C.E lyres and double-reeded clarinets have been developed and in Denmark by 2500 an early form of the trumpet have been developed.