Team Results for OCTOBER 2012

YOU Batty Babes have Spread your wings and soared!!!

Total Team Sales $23,978

Those who made it happen: Highest Sales

10 - Erin Starling $275

9 - Lesli Reeves $498

8 - Jennifer Cirillo $693

7 - Robin Plott $811

6 - Bonnie Elgin $1,249

5 - Ann Driver $1,385

4 - Allison Inman $1,477

TOP 3 in Sales

Big Welcome to Our 8 New Stylists!

Jennifer Kramer

Kim Templeton

Lesli Reeves

Lynn Weber

Erica Allman

Rachael Steiner

Mandy Dismang

Denise Morris

Top in Sponsorship

Each Sponsored 2!

Each Sponsored 1!


Check out all the training, webinars and calls via stylist lounge going on this month to help with booking, sponsoring and building your business going into fall.

Reach out to all of your potential stylists with our awesome sponsoring special (receives the leopard scarf in starter kit free) when they sign up in November! Why would you want to sponsor? Many reasons! But for me personally, I want that iHappy Challenge iPad given away in December. earn the iPad from Stella & Dot, simply collect $12K in sales from Oct 1 - Dec 31st and sponsor 2 stylists in the same time frame. The two new stylists need to hold 2 trunk shows each before Dec 31st. How simple! Right? If you want to chart and strategize this goal together, let me know!

Don't forget to let all of your November hostesses and customers know about our awesome Trunk Show Treasures for the month. When they spend $50 they will get some of our best selling statement pieces at 50% off.

All of this info is printed with details in the stylist lounge! Be sure to check there on a daily, bi-daily, weekly basis to catch all the latest news. Did anyone else see that we now have GIFT CARDS!!!!!! How exciting!!! We've been waiting on these've been waiting 3 years now. What a great give idea for all your TS peeps.

Allison Inman created a super cute wishlist card that you all can use at your upcoming trunk shows. It is attached...simply print and use to capture wishlists to increase your holiday sales!

Congrats to Lindy Turnbull and Kristin Mello who both earned our team incentive last month! They will be receiving our gorgeous snakeskin wallet in the mail!


I strongly believe and have proof that November is THE BIGGEST selling month of the year with Stella & Dot. I also strongly believe each of you have so much selling potential if you reach out and book a couple trunk shows, post things on FB to gain interest and web orders, reach out to guys who need to shop for their wives, etc. I'm going BIG with our incentive this month to show you all how much I believe in YOU! For every stylist who hits 1,500PCV ($2,307 sales) by November 20th, you will be entered in the drawing for a $300 gift card of your choice! It can be for S&D or any retailer you just love. There will be one winner drawn. If you hit the 1,500PCV and also sponsor 1 new stylist, your name goes into the drawing 3x!! Your name will go in 1 time for each new stylist after 1 and every 500PCV after 1,500PCV! Every stylist who hits 1,500pcv and sponsors 1 stylist by last day of the month, you will receive $50 Stella & Dot gift card!