Global School Play Day 2016

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We never could have imagined that GSPD would be a success in so many ways! The children were all just ELATED to bring in games or toys that they loved from home and to serve as teachers to their friends so they all could play. Every classroom was buzzing with collaboration, communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills ALL DAY LONG! Teachers and staff commented about how they saw many of their students in a different light based on what they chose to play, who they played with and how they played! Feedback from parents has been fantastic as well! Thank you for taking the time to reach out. Children have asked for more game playing in the classroom so it has become a new behavioral/academic incentive in many classrooms! We look forward to finding creative ways to hold onto the level of engagement we witnessed on this day in our daily instruction and cannot wait for GSPD 2017! Enjoy some pictures from the day below.