Writing From The Male POV

Creating Better Heroes

Learn From a Master

In this workshop, learn the ins and outs of character creation from a side of romance we rarely hear from, the male romance reader/writer! Erotic Romance author Sascha Illyvich shares with us tips on how to create more memorable heroes, avoid some common pitfalls and have more fun with our writing!


Sunday, July 14th 2013 at 9pm

This is an online event.

Three part live seminar to be held on JULY 14TH, 24TH AND 30TH 2013

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From this seminar you will learn

Male Archetypes and how they affect our characters

How (il)logical men think and why they act the way they do

How to take any male character from any movie/story and modify him to fit your story

How to get your man to express his true “self”

What men REALLY care about and how to work with that for your characters

A man’s self view

The GAY MALE Viewpoint

The Male Cycle of Emotions and how it compares to the female cycle of emotions

A man’s journey in life

What men really think

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About Sascha Illyvich

Sacha Illyvich has been writing erotic romance for fourteen years and is the author of over two dozen novels, collections and anthologies. His books include My Sexy Valentine, The Gift of Her Submission, Her Male Slave, Room for One More, Dark Sensualities and Primal Instincts, and Wolf Magic. Illyvich has been nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio, and his books have appeared on both Night Owl Romance and Road to Romance’s “Recommended Reading” lists.

Sascha is also co-creator of, and tireless contributor to, WriteSex, a blog where established writers offer insights and tips about writing and making money from writing. He is also the former host of the Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata and continues to write for Red Sage, Decadent Publishing, Renaissance E-books, and Total E-bound. Readers can find his work, plus free reads at http://saschaillyvichauthor.com

For the past several years Sacha has also been the editor of Sizzler Edition’s romance imprint Intoxication, where he has helped foster the career of writers like Amber Rose Thompson, Emma Paul, Sarah Bella, Marianne LaCroix, and others.

Sascha has an insatiable taste for life, hence reading only the finest romance, drinking the finest whiskey and smoking only the best cigars.