Jalapeno Bagels

Unit 5 Lesson 4

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is a made-up story that can be set in a real place.

What details from this story helps you to know that it is a realistic fiction story?

What is the setting of this story?

Comprehension skill: Draw Conclusions

  • A conclusion is a decision or opinion that makes sense based on facts and details.
  • You can use what you already know to draw a conclusion.

Lesson Vocabulary

  1. bakery
  2. batch
  3. boils
  4. braided
  5. dough
  6. ingredients
  7. knead
  8. mixture
  9. especially
  10. international

Grammar Skill: Adverbs / Adverbs that Compare

  • An adverb is a word that can tell where, when, why, or how something happens
Yesterday, the family moved into a new home. (when)

They carried boxes inside. (where)

They happily unpacked the boxes. (how)

  • You can use adverbs to compare actions. The -er form of an adverb compares two actions. The -est form of an adverb compares three or more actions.
That baker's cakes rise high.

That baker's cakes rise higher than Mr. Lee's cakes.

That baker's cakes rise highest of any cakes.

  • Most adverbs that end in -ly use more and most to make comparisons.
Tom ate breakfast slowly.

Tom ate breakfast more slowly than Allison.

Tom ate breakfast most slowly of all the children.