Are Argalis endangered?

Endangered Animals In Europe

What is an Argali?

An Argali is the largest type of wild sheep. Argalis generally have light brown coats and with white legs. Males have a white ruff of hair around the neck. In addition to the white ruff they also have a crest along their back which gives them more of an impressive appearance. The Argalis weight varies depending what size they are and what gender they are. (ARK)

Picture Credit: Sergey Yeliseev on Flickr

Food Chain

The Argali eats dry alphine that grows on the mountains where they live. (ARK)


The Argalis are usually found in the mountains. The mountains they are located are 1,300 to 6,100 meters above sea level. Argalis like the mountain area because it is a dry alpine habitat. (ARK)

Picture Credits: Sergey Yeliseev on Flickr


The Argali adapts to it's surrounding by using the mountains dry alphine to eat. They also use their horns to defend themselves against any predators. (ARK)


The management of hunting offer hope to some of the Argalis by monitoring them and protecting their habitat because the argali species are near threatened. (ARK)