NHCS AIG September Training Session

Student Centered, Core Focused


DAP-IQ Preparation and Reminders for Third Grade Screener

NCAGT Gifted Conference, February 28-March 1, Title II Funding

Administrative PLC- "What Does Rigor Look Like?"

Battle of the Books, Elementary

Science Olympiad Coaches Meeting, Monday October 1, Spencer Board Room

Business Motivational Video - Sales Motivation Video - Leadership Motivation | MeetTheBoss

Training Focus: Instructional Coaching

How do we move closer to a professional learning community that empowers teachers to embrace proven teaching methods?

AIG Coaching Model Review

Moving Forward Using the Online Classroom, Edmodo Overview

Assignment and Menu of Coaching Services

Great Teamwork Video - Very Fun to Watch

Important Dates

Gifted Advisory Council Meeting, October 9

ECU Gifted Conference, October 10

Next AIG Training Session, October 25

DAP-IQ Testing (3rd Grade) October 30-21

DAP-IQ Scoring, CBRC, November 1

High School Training Session

AIG Licensure Packet- Fill out and return to Sarah Gubitz asap

Essay Writing Seminar-Proposed date, October 18th

DEP and Informational Meeting progress