Eccles Friday News

Below are some school highlights for you to be aware of...

A Note from Mr. McKean

Greetings Eccles Families!

I was wonderful to have our students back full days this week. Although we are still working through the minor hiccups associated with starting back up after so much time away, it has really been a great start to this school year. We know that the process may be slow but we were all energized this week by moving in a direction that felt more conventional to all of us and beneficial to our students.

We hope you felt some relief this week and had at least some small sense of normalcy as we returned.


Mr. McKean

No School - 9/4-9/7

Friday, 9/4 is a non-contract day for staff. No school for students.

Monday, 9/7 is a holiday. No school for students.

Outdoor Eating

Beginning on Tuesday, 9/7 all students will eat lunch outside in our East interior courtyard. This outdoor courtyard will be set up very similar to our cafeteria. Our plan for now is to continue this practice for the first few weeks and then re-evaluate to determine if any modifications are necessary.

From the PTA

It's Eccles Family PTA Meeting Time! You are invited to attend from the comfort of your own home.

Join Our Zoom Meeting Tuesday, September 14th at 6:00pm -

Have some ideas to encourage family engagement this year? We want to hear your voice! New to PTA and want to learn what we do and how we support our Eccles community? Sit in and listen - the more the merrier - you can even hide your camera if you prefer! :)

Membership is not required to attend. We are excited to see you there!

- The Eccles PTA Board

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School Hours/Late Start

School hours for students will be 9am-3:30pm Monday through Friday with the exception of Wednesday. Wednesday ‘late start’ will be reinstated this year and school will be from 10am-3:30 pm for all students.

- Students may arrive in the morning no earlier than 8:45am on Mo/Tu/Th/Fr.

- Students may arrive in the morning no earlier than 9:45am on Wednesday.

- Students planning to eat breakfast should arrive by 8:45am. (9:45am on Wednesday)

Volunteers at School

While we will be able to once again have parents/guardians volunteer at the school, we will be moving forward slowly with this practice.

- Volunteers will be permitted at a rate of one volunteer per space per day.

- This must be pre-arranged with the teacher and/or specialist that you are assisting.

- Volunteering will not begin until October 1st.

- All new volunteers must be registered and pass a background check. (Link below)

- Existing volunteers who have had their volunteer status lapse will receive an email on how to re-register.

- All volunteers are required to wear masks when inside the building.

- All volunteers must sign in and out upon entry and exit of the school building.