News From Thailand

I'll Be Home for Easter!

Carolina Here I Come...

What!?! At about the six-month mark (having left the US at the end of September 2016) I will be heading home for 5 weeks (March 24th - April 28th). I thought you were staying in Thailand for a year? So did I. After my first few weeks on the ground, I began to perceive the need to extend that original plan. My main goal in visiting the US at this point is to share what I have learned so far, and to explain my desire to stay in Thailand until at least the end of 2018. Explain to whom? To anyone who is interested in human trafficking, working with child victims, fighting online exploitation of children, and what God is teaching me through all of this. I would love the opportunity to share with groups- large or small. Church or community-based. Please contact me to schedule a time!

In the meantime, it's easy to get bogged down in the heartbreak of these issues, so I thought I would share some current success stories...

Things I'm Looking Forward To...

  1. Chick. Fil. A.
  2. Seeing family and friends.
  3. Breathing in a place with emissions standards.
  4. Hot water in the kitchen sink.
  5. Returning to Thailand again- which now also feels like home.