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SAGE GT Playdate -- Save the Date!

Date: Wednesday, April 25th

Time: 3:00-5:00

Location: To be announced

5th Grade Field Trip - May 2nd, Wednesday 8:30-2:15

Please return permission/medical form (2 sided) and $30.00 in cash by Friday, April 13th. Your student will be given a yellow receipt for payment.

5th Grade Spark Talks

Students have been working on their Spark Talks, which are like TED Talks. These are topics that they feel strongly about and want to persuade their audience to support, or they are interest topics that might lead to a future career choice.

In preparation for our Robotics field trip, students have been using my class set of Rubik's Cubes that are on loan to practice different algorithms to solve it. So far, we have one student who has solved the Rubik's Cube.

Big picture

4th Grade

Fourth Graders reflected on Marble Runs, and they began our study on Forensics. They completed a hair lab and a fingerprint lab, and they will be solving their first case next week.

We have transitioned from cause and effect, to using details, evidence, alibis, and motive to solve a case.

3rd Grade

Third Graders have been studying letter frequency, and they have analyzed various types of codes, They will encode a secret message, as well as begin cracking codes. Inferencing and detail will be the name of the game.

2nd Grade

Second Graders have been researching parts of the brain, and this week they engaged in a debate defending and promoting their part of the brain (lobe) they researched. in doing so they collaborated with teammates to gather strong supporting reasons, organized the flow of their argument, added creativity with either a slogan or a jingle, and practiced speaking with enough volume and persuasive tone. Next week will be the championship round.

1st Grade

First Graders practiced tolerance for ambiguity with a draw start using a stick. They then brainstormed and chose the most original idea to use. Next they are writing a story about the drawing, and lastly, they will create a Doceri to share this process.


Kindergarten students analyzed word problems and used process of elimanation to solve they mysteries. They worked in partners using Elimination Logic.