What's Happening On TUMBLEBUS in December?

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Christmasville on TUMBLEBUS!

Happy December! This month Teddy is getting ready to celebrate for the holidays! Throughout December Teddy will review gymnastic skills including squat, pike, straddle, lunge, v-sit, and tuck through circuits that allow tumblers to continue mastering their fundamentals. The TUMBLEBUS Time book will be used to infuse more preschool prep skills including rhyme and recognizing relationships though the nonfiction text that the kids resonate with so well.

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TUMBLEBUS Book and Song!

Has your little one been asking you for a TUMBLEBUS book and song? You've probably been wondering what in the world they are talking about right? Well wonder no more! The TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte owner and author/singer Taylor D. Spencer has written the book and song for TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte and all of the other TUMBLEBUSES across the nation! As a former classroom teacher at the elementary level, Taylor understands the importance of infusing and exposing children to literacy in as many ways as possible. Because kids LOVE TUMBLEBUS what better way to expose them to literacy than to write a book about TUMBLEBUS that they can so closely relate to? Your child will surely love this book, and you'll find them saying things like "that's me" as they flip through the pages and want to read the book over and over. Perhaps the TUMBLEBUS Book and CD can be an educational present your child would love for Christmas or for your child's birthday! Order your book today! Feel free to email TUMBLEBUS and order through your existing TUMBLEBUS account and have the book delivered to your child's school in a white envelope OR you can click the new website link below and order your copy to be shipped or school delivered today!

Did You Know?

The TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte website has been revamped to be more mobile friendly! Check out the website at the link below!

Happy Holidays from TUMBLEBUS!

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What We're Learning?

Warm Up Activities: Fundamentals Review







Circuit Activities:

Rings :Swing

Straddle Sits


Camel Walk

Bear Walk

Crab Walk

One Leg hops/ Balance

Combo 1: Forward Roll: Straddle Landing- Squat

Academic Content Connections:

The Letter "C"

Text to Real World Connections

Books We're Reading:

“TUMBLEBUS Time" by Taylor D. Spencer

Songs We're Singing:

Christmas Selections from Children's Holiday Sing-Along

Teddy Tip of the Month for Parents: Promoting Independence

Teddy Says:

Let your child solve his/ her own simple problems. For example, if your child can't assemble something, pause to watch to see what they'll do first to solve their own issue before rushing to help. Provided that they are safe, these are the moments that they will grow the most and build their strongest problem solving skills and character. Never cheat your child the chance to experience their own success even when you want to step in to make everything perfect. They want to be independent so praise them when you recognize their efforts of trying.

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Inspirational Quote of the Month

Follow your dreams no matter your life circumstances or age!

"Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure Ever Will."

-Karim Seddiki

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Thanks for allowing your child to be a part of TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte!

If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.