Leaders Lighting the Way - December 2014

Habit 2 and My Family

by Chloe

I interviewed my mom and my uncle about the goals they have every day. Here is what they said:

Mom - "I take care of Katherine." Katherine is my 8 month old sister.

Uncle Chad - I drive and go to work." Uncle Chad builds houses and drives a big truck at work.

Holiday Habits: an Interview with my Mom

by Jenevieve

What habit do you use in the holidays?

"Habit 7, when I decorate."

What habit do you use most in life?

"I use habit 7 when I run."

Habit 7 is Sharpen the Saw.

Santa's Looking for Leaders - My Reindeer

by Caleese

My name is Lacey. I work with Santa. My job is to help make toys. I love my job. I love working with Santa and I have fun.

Habits Help You Get Things Done

by Amiyah

I interviewed my Dad and asked him about which habits help him get things done. Here is what he said:

"Put first things first, because first I have to make dinner. Then I have to put the Christmas lights up and then I have to go to bed. So, I say first things first."

I Can Be a Leader

by Allegra

I can be a leader by following directions and by listening to the teacher.

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The Hardest Habit and the Easiest Habit

by Savannah

I interviewed my dad about the 7 habits. Here is what he said:

"The hardest habit is Put First Things First because I want to have fun and do my work."

"My easiest habit is Synergize because I work well with others to get the job done."

How Can I Be a Good Citizen?

by Torri

I can be a good citizen in the school by helping others when they need it and working together. I am using habit 6 - synergizing.

My Dad Uses the 7 Habits

by Takara

I asked my dad, "How do you use the 7 habits?" He said, "I am proactive at work. I work with my team."

His goals are to be retired from work and to buy a house.