5 Things to Remember

When Using Social Media in Instruction

1. Social Media and E-Learning Training Programs

Social media has changed the way organizations are communicating with employees, recruiting top talent, and more importantly, enhancing and improving their overall performance training with the use of online training methods. .The use of social media as an online/E-Learning training method, is very cost effective, a fraction of the cost of traditional training instructions; as it can provide hundreds of employees the flexibility, to take training measures, either at home or at the office, at a time that is convenient to them and at their own pace for enhanced learning of training materials or information. The use of social media as an online/E-Learning training resource tool, also means that the trainee will always be able to communicate information back and forth with other trainees, or read about other's experience regarding past training, instructors, etc.

2. Social Media Demographics Are Changing the Training Method Perception

Social media and its continued rise in use, have essentially changed the way people wish to communicate in general. This is especially so for the younger generation, who see online/E-learning in a social media setting as a way to network, broaden personal and professional associations, and as a way to stay on top of current issues, topics and industry trends while engaging in e-learning training at their own pace.

3. The 3 Top Social Media E-Learning Platforms

4. Have a Strong Business Culture Awareness to Social Media E-Learning

Have upfront communication PRIOR to starting or using Social Media E-learning training programs regarding responsive communication to others within the training session, such as sexting, cyberbullying, offensive language and/or emoji' use. These are very real concerns in the realm of social media use and it can be very easy for a Learner to cross the line of professionalism toward another and for another Learner to misconstrue that communication as something negative toward them. Therefore, remember that what is posted on social media, even in a training session, can go viral, and is a direct reflection of yourself and your image of the organization. Therefore, "THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE".

5. Reinforce Socia Media Use Policy

Employees are the faces of an organization and everything that is posted or shared online, even when E-Learning, can impact the organization negatively or positively. Reinforce the policy that social media is not the platform to disparage the organization, share a personal opinion about the company, or share communications regarding performance data, internal organization communication, etc.


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