Texas A&M University-Commerce

2600 South Neal Commerce

Background Information

Since 1889 Texas A&M University-Commerce has educated students all over Texas.

Second largest Texas A&M University system. It has also been the fifth oldest Texas A&M University. The University changed its name multiple times, but in 1996 they changed the name as its known today "Texas A&M University-Commerce".

Majors !!!

One of the most popular majors is.

-Marketing & Business Analytics -Engineering & Technology

-Management -Physics & Astronomy

-Economic & Finance -Computer Science & Information Systems

Our Mission

Texas A&M University-Commerce, as a part of the A&M family of universities, will become the university of choice for all those seeking a higher education in the Northeast Texas region and beyond. It will provide traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities through existing and new programs that set high expectations and goals for students, faculty and staff.