Dog Walking

Too busy to walk your dog? We can help!

Hire the most responsible dog walker and animal babysitter

call or email in advance to schedule your time for dog walking or babysitting

Most of the time as long as you schedule ahead of time

Not available in summer. Available on weekdays from Sept. -May.

Call 1-408-893-6083 from 3:00-8:00 pm

Run by responsible middle school students. Can come in group or alone

Guaranteed to be safe and responsible feeling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Up to how many pets can you take at a single time?

A: For babysitting, up to 4 dogs, but for walking, up to 140 lbs

Q: Do you do one house at a time, or can you take pets from different houses at a single time?

A: For walking, we can take pets from many houses as long as they aren't too far away and for babysitting, one house at a time unless you and other owner are friends.

Q: What other program do you offer?

A: Since this is not an official business, we do not offer ' programs', but we are open to any idea that comes up.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: For walking, $5 a walk and for babysitting, $5/ hr.

Q: What if the dog doesn't listen to anyone? How will you handle them?

A: We are confident that every dog will obey if you use the right technique to train it, so we will keep a pocket of treats with us at all times