Donate Today!

Help Bring More Toys & Books to the Y day care of Corcoran

Why should we do this?

I personally think we should do this project because it would be a good thing to do for the little kids that go to the Y daycare in the community. The little kids who go to the Y usually go on a regular basis and probably get tired of the same old toys and books. So by doing this project we would be bringing more toys and books to the little kids to play with and enjoy. To do this project we would each have to bring at least one toy/book (even things like crayons and coloring books) to contribute to make this project possible. So if we all work together we can as a group make a donation to the Y daycare.

Plan of Action

February 18th: Window Opens to collect toys and books/even things like crayons and coloring books

February 28th: Window closes to bring toys and books

March 13th or 14th: Deliever toys and books

Jobs and Duties

  1. Everyone brings little kids toys and books for the Y day care
  2. We collect them and keep them here in the class
  3. On the last day of the project I can collect the books and toys from class and take them to the daycare at the Y