everything started in the garage of Steve Jobs, he dreamed of changing the electronic world forever. and in 1976 Jobs sold his VW van in order to finance his dream; and eventually introduced the Apple 1; the first personal computer. but the Apple 1, looked like a typwriter, so when designing Apple 2, they designed it to look more like an electronical piece of equipment. and this is how one of the greatest companies of all time was created.


Sony was ahead of Apple in the race for the greatest technology; they had invented many electronics such as the Walkman; but in 2001 Steve Jobs introduced the Ipod, a music player where you could load your favorite music instead of listening to the radio; and this new invention changed the world of music forever!


Fired from Apple

Jobs had gotten fired from Apple, Due to disagreements between the co-founders, and in order to settle the argument it was up to the board of directors, and they decided to side with the other co-founder.

Career Goals

Early Achievements

Steve Jobs also always had goals, and one of his most famous goals was to succeed in life early, because he believed that he was to die at an early age

The Greatness of Apple

Why are they so great?

1. Every time they create a product the people of Apple have to want it themselves

2. The products are easy to use.

3. Their products are simple.

4. Great Customer Service.

5. Apple only makes a product if Apple can do it better.

6. Apple stays ahead at least two years of its competitors.