samuel morse

samuel morse is an inventor who invented the telegragh

early life and childhood

Samuel.f.b.morse was born in charlestown massachusets the first child of the pastor jedidah morse 1761-1826.

Who was in their family

  • Elizabeth
  • pator jedidah

who did this person marry

this person marryed Elizabeth Ann finley.

did this person have kids?how many?

this person had kids and he had 1 kid.

did this person die? when and how old was the person

yes He died and in 1815 is when he died.

what is this person most known for?

samuel morse is most known for the telegragh.


  • 1761,samuel morse was born in charlestown .
  • 1862,he became a inventor in 1862.
  • 1810,morse gratuated from yale college.
  • 1826,morse helped found and became the president of the national academy of design,organization.
  • 1815,morse returned to america and set up a studio in boston.
  • 1872,morse,died in apirl 2, 1872.


  • morse liked art
  • died april 2,1872
  • morse liked being a inventor
  • born april 27,1791 in charlestown massachusetts

character traits

  • smart,he invented the telegragh.
  • good paintings,he sells them to people
  • intelligence,he knows how to asimble things like the telegragh.