Collaboration 2.0

Collaborative Skills: Planned, Integrated and Delivered

Curriculum integration, collaboration and technology are the future of education, and more specifically, they are critical skills for our students’ futures. While educators cannot teach content for jobs and services that do not even exist yet, we are able to empower students now with adaptable experiences and the flexibility to approach and manage solutions creatively and collaboratively. During this hands-on workshop*, teachers will participate as students in an integrated and interdependent team to solve a problem. You will learn to organize and use online collaborative tools including search and research techniques using tools such as Google Drive, Apps and others.

ECIS Pre-Conference - 21 November 2013 RAI Amsterdam

The Take Away

Participants will learn how to design, organise, and implement curriculum for interdependent, collaborative student groups where accountability and assessment are based on individual contributions. Ultimately during this session, we will work together to further our understanding of “How collaborative teams along with computer applications can increase learning, interaction, and accountability”.

*The workshop will be presented in thirds with first focus on student experience, followed by planning and assessment and the final part of the day devoted to tech tools.

Nathalie Morrissey

Awesomeness and notable book fan

Derek Harwell

MYP CT Teacher at the International School of Amsterdam


Thursday, Nov. 21st 2013 at 9am