Copyright and Licenses

By, Nicole Perez

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a collection of rights granted to the author of a piece of intellectual work.


Public Domain:

Public Domain is a piece of work that is not protected by the copyright law. A piece of work might not have a copyright license because it could be expired or it was donated.


Freeware is software that you can use for free without a fee like iTunes, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.


Shareware is software that can be shared for free for a limited amount of time. An example of Shareware would be the 1 month free trial you get when you sign up for Netflex.

All Rights Reserved:

A software that can be shared only if the client agree to the agreements and licenses terms. An example of this would be iTunes.

Open Source:

Open Source is software that includes the license code so people can improve it like when people add add ons to Google Chrome.