Lets Diabeat this

What is Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that causes the body to not produce enough insulin causing high blood sugar levels. When food is consumed it is sent to the stomach where it is broken down into glucose (sugar). Your body uses insulin to break down and use glucose. If you have Diabetes then you don't produce enough insulin or insulin is not effective on the glucose. Giving you high amounts of sugar in you blood.

Type 1

Type one diabetes is very rare and is diagnosed to young children. Only about 5% of people with diabetes have Type one. Type one is when people do not produce enough insulin to properly use glucose. This gives them high amounts of sugar in their blood.

Type one is not preventable, but Type two is.

Type one

Type one can be triggered due to a number of problems. including catching a virus, or being around to cold of temperatures. Type one has to be partially genetic, meaning you have to inherent the trait that gives you it. Type one is more commonly found in the white community.

Type 2 preventions

To prevent yourself from being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes you could lose weight, eat less and decrease blood sugar. eat more fiber which helps decrease you blood sugar and prevent heart disease.

Type 1 treatment

The goal is to have your blood sugar level as close to normal as possible to prevent complications. Although there are exceptions, the goal is to keep your daytime blood sugar levels before meals between 70 and 130 mg and your after meal numbers no higher than 180 mg two hours after eating. The treatment for type one is to monitor blood sugar, eat health, maintain good weight, and if needed insulin.

Type 2 treatment

If you have type 2 you want to keep your blood sugar normal. Treatments are exactly the same a type 1 you just need to eat healthy and exercise frequently. If you have type 2 you want to focus on eating a lot more fruits, vegetables, and grains.


This non-communicable effects me personally because in 6th grade one of my best friends was diagnosed with diabetes. Before he was diagnosed with it he began to be grumpy a lot and was sick very often. Once he started being treated for it he began to be much ore enjoyable. Having it does effect his life forever but it doesn't get him down. I enjoyed doing this project so i could learn more about what it really does and found it very interesting to read about.
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