Heritage Speech/Language Happenings

Week of 11/16/15

This week students are working on practicing speech sounds while discussing Thanksgiving traditions. They are also working on describing Thanksgiving items using the EET (Expanding Expression Tool). By using this color-coded tool students are able to organize their thoughts for a clear, meaningful description or definition.

Fifth and sixth-grade students are continuing to work on developing reading comprehension strategies, improving vocabulary and word work. My fifth-grade group has read about Jackie Robinson as well as participated in one of their favorite activities, Kahoot!

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Expanding Expression Tool (EET)

The Expanding Expression Tool (EET) kit helps to build the following:

  • Oral expression
  • Written expression
  • Vocabulary comprehension
  • Defining and describing
  • Making associations
  • Stating functions of objects
  • Categorization
  • Similarities and differences
  • And more!!

Ask your child to describe the pictured above!

Use this key to help guide his or her thinking:

Remind him to think about the colors:



White/eye: Looks Like

Brown=made of?


White=Where do you find it?

Orange=What is a special fact/prior knowledge?

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