Roberto Clenmente



Born: August 18, 1934

Place of birth: Carlina, Puerto Rico


Wife: Vera Clemente

Three sons: Roberto Jr, Luis Roberto, Roberto Enrique


Education: He finished high school. Then went to play baseball.

Jobs held: He ran track and field in the Olympics. Then he went to play baseball.

Three Interesting Facts

3 interesting facts: He ran track and field fist then did baseball.

He coached other team in his hometown.

He played in World Series in 1971.


Awards and recognition: 12 gold gloves ( trophies), 4 National leagues, MVP 1966, MVP 1971, batting avg. .317

Age of death

Date of death: December 31, 1972 died in a airplane crash in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Drawing of Roberto Clemente

This some thing about a hall of fame baseball player. Roberto Clemente.