WHPS Remote Learning Middle School

September 18 Update

Updates for September 18th

Good Afternoon Remote Middle School Families,

As we close out the second week of the school year my hope is that accessing and navigating through the remote learning platform is becoming a bit easier for you and your child.. With that said, I also appreciate that for many of us this is still a work in progress as we added in our advisory meetings and many of you have had changes to your schedules. To support you in navigating this new normal, I will continue to provide you resources to assist in the planning process for your week ahead.

I also wanted to let you know that it has been great getting to meet so many of you at the material pick-up locations these last two days. I appreciate hearing how things are going in your children’s classes and am happy so many of you are having a positive experience. I also appreciate that you are willing to let me know when things are not going so well so we can work to improve our process to meet the needs of all students and families. These interactions have energized me and helped me contextualize the things that are working well and those areas that require additional focus for improvement.

I would ask that you take some time to review the updates and information below.

Stay Safe,

Dr. Kessler

Scheduling Resources

To continue to help families navigate the changing weekly schedule I am including two resources for this week.

The first is a template that allows you to add in your teacher meeting link codes in order to more easily navigate which classes you have and on what day and time. Please feel free to make a copy of this and fill it out with information related to your specific schedule.

A/B Remote Scheduling Document with Google Meeting Links

The second is a copy of the Assignment Planner Template that I shared last week. Again, please feel free to make a copy and add in the information to help you complete your assignments for the week.

Assignment Planner Template - Week of 9/21

Big picture
Big picture

Grab and Go Meals

Our grab and go meal program is available to all families and breakfast and lunch continue to be free for all WHPS students. See the attached flyer for more information.

Principal’s Coffee - Monday, September 21

On Monday, September 21st, I will be holding two Principal Coffees. These sessions are designed to be an opportunity for us to interact with one another and share some updates from the school and to provide parents an opportunity to ask questions. To help provide parents some flexibility, I will hold one from 9:00am - 10:00am and another from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Please note that these times are slightly different from the ones I sent out in my August newsletter.

Both meetings can be accessed by using this Google Meeting code: https://meet.google.com/vvr-wpch-mkm

I look forward to seeing you during one of these sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Who do I contact if I am having a technology issue?


If you are in need of a device or need to have a password reset, please email Kathy Hickey at kathy_hickey@whps.org and she will be able to assist you.

If you are having issues accessing a class meeting, please reach out to that specific teacher and let them know what the issue is. We will work to problem solve this with you and hopefully get you back online quickly.


Who do I contact if I have a problem with my course schedule?


Please reach out to Mrs. Carlson at ashley_carlson@whps.org and she will work with you to resolve these issues.


Who do I contact if I must miss a class?


If you are going to be missing a portion of a class up to a full day, please call our office at (860) 561-6609 and leave a message in our attendance mailbox. I would also strongly suggest you email your teachers to let them know and see if there is another time they might want to meet with you to review what you have missed. Communication is key to helping us all navigate these times.


When does my Advisory meet?


Your Advisory will meet on either A days or B days depending on your schedule and will meet from 10:12 - 10:38am. Your teacher will send you a meeting link for your correct Advisory Group. Your Advisory will meet TWO times a week - one day you will have the opportunity to touch base with your teachers and the other day you will interact in district developed lessons related to the development of Social Emotional Learning or Cultural Competencies. On days when your Advisory group is not meeting, you will have time to complete assignments and reach out to teachers.


What are the expectations during my Learning Lab?


The purpose of the Learning Lab period is to provide you an opportunity to complete assignments during the school day and seek out help as needed from your teachers. While your teachers may be teaching a class during this time, it does provide you a set time to communicate with your teachers about questions you might have as you complete your assignments.

Important Dates


9/29-Yom Kippur (no school)


Dr. Timothy Kessler, Principal Remote Middle School

Mrs.Angela Tokarz , Remote Middle School Secretary