Top 3 Dangerous Places On Earth

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Top Three Count Down

As everyone has been reminded again and again in these recent times, the world is not necessarily a safe place to live. Though some dangers are man made, they sometimes can be less dangerous than somethings out there. A few examples that come to mind are earthquakes and volcanoes. These deadly disasters, can, at times, be nearly impossible to predict. But where are the most dangerous of these silent killers?

Naples, Italy


Naples is the third largest city in Italy. As of 2012, about 960,000 people populate the city. The area of Naples, Italy is 45.17 square feet. The city is along the west coast of Italy; it’s coordinates are 40° 51’ N, 14° 16’ E. Naples, Italy is the third-largest municipality in Italy; meaning a self governing city or town. Naples can be very well known as a tourist area. Some of the top attractions include the National Archaeological Museum , Piazza del Plebiscito, Spaccanapoli, and many other places. Naples, Italy can be a beautiful place to live or visit, however, it can also be very dangerous.

Naples, Italy can be a very dangerous place because of its location. The city lies very close to a convergent boundary line, which typically creates volcanoes. In this case, Mount Vesuvius is the main danger. The boundary lines its close to are the Eurasian plate and the African plate boundary line. At a convergent plate boundary, the plates create what’s called subduction zones. A subduction zone is when one plate goes under the other, therefore creating the volcano.

Previous/Other Damages
Naples, Italy can be extremely dangerous because of it’s location on a convergent boundary line, and it’s closeness to Mount Vesuvius. Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D., burying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It has erupted fifty times in 2,000 years, however, it still poses as a serious threat. The city is also near the Mediterranean Sea, which is littered with volcanoes. Ischia is said to be the most dangerous in the Mediterranean Sea; it’s also said to someday have effects greater than those of Mount Vesuvius.

Kilauea Hawaii

Beautiful Small Town
Kilauea Hawaii is a small town housing 2803 people according to the 2010 census. Kilauea is one of the eight islands that make up the state Hawaii. It is said that 2.6 million people visit Kilauea every year. This town has beautiful views from most ways you look. In Kilauea the average house price is $1,153,868 with the average household bringing in $69,688 per year. 60% of the homes in Kilauea are lived in by their owners. 52% of people living in Kilauea and known as “non white” which means that a good chunk of people are from Hawaii originally.

Kilauea is located in the middle of the Pacific plate. That is not necessarily what causes the volcano to erupt so much. The reason it does is because it is actually on a hot spot. In fact the entire island of Hawaii is a hot spot. That means that this volcano is not caused by a plate boundary but instead caused by a hot spot which is where the mantel plates melt into magma.

Past Damage
Kilauea Hawaii is a dangerous place to live because it is home to what is known as the newest and most active shield volcano. It is almost constantly spewing lava and at times sending it as high as sixty five feet in the air. With that being said very few deaths are actually volcano related in the area. It is said this volcano is between 600,000 and 300,000 years old but it has only been active since 1952. In conclusion Kilauea is an alright place to live if you do not mind the infrequent evacuations.

Java & Sumatra, Indonesia

A Tropical Paradise

With a hot and humid climate, the islands of Java and Sumatra Indonesia are the perfects places for their inhabitants. Tropical rainforests decorate the landscape, playing host some of the most endangered species on the planet. The local inhabitants grow tobacco, rubber, nuts, fruit, pepper, and many other valuable crops. These islands are your typical rainforest environment, plants growing to odd and monstrous sizes and shapes.


However, there is one specific reason why this might not be the best living environment. Earthquakes. Due to the island’s position, which is almost directly on a fault line, these tiny islands have received over 15 earthquakes of disastrous proportion since 2004. Lying dangerously close to the Australian and Eurasian plates, it’s really no wonder why they obtain so many disasters. This fault line created by these two plates is a convergent boundary, which means the two plates are pushing together. The jolting of rocks pushing together causes the severe earthquakes, this region just so happens to get it more often than others.


Since 2004, these people have received 15 earthquakes all with a magnitude above 5. In 2010, the population of these two islands total was 174,365,538 people, in that six year period, 936,446 people were killed by earthquake related causes, and a total 262,760 buildings were damaged or destroyed. It’s bad location and frequent occurrence of earthquakes is why many people think it’s one of the most dangerous places to live.

Stay Aware

It is important that people are aware of these dangers. Effects of plate tectonic movement, such as earthquakes and volcanoes, can have extremely severe effects. Spewing lava, or a shake of the ground, might not only take down a few buildings, it can wipe out entire towns, killing many people; and they have many times before. These locations may be beautiful vacations spots, however, one might want to rethink living in areas similar to these locations.


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