They could win 1,000,000 games!!!


The Viking got into football in the 60's. The Vikings have gotten in the super bowl. A few times.


The Vikings hold many records. Grandy Aldermen only missed 2 games out of 13 sesons!!!

The vikings

The Vikings are really fast. because the WR can shake off there defenders really fast. And that is why the Vikings are fast.



The Vikings had lots of success in the 70's. The Vikings some of the best players. The Vikings got into the super bowl a few times.


The Vikings were funded in 1961. The Viking rivals are the Green bay, I do not like the Packers. Read the rest to find out more.
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In 2015/2016 the Viking won more then 10 games .A lot of games. Some people call them the purple people eaters.
Minnesota Vikings Last Second Touchdown