How we gaurd against tyranny

(In America)


The goverment guards against tyranny by using federalism. This means that we separated the goverment into state and national goverments. Because they are divided less people have a lot of power and it is spread across a lot of people. Because of this less people have a higher chance of becoming corrupt


The goverment is split into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. These three branches all control different parts of the goverment and all have different (but equal) powers. The judicial branch interprets laws, the executive branch enforces laws and legislative branch makes laws. Because all the powers are spread out the powers can't accumulte and no one becomes a tyrant.

Checks and balances

All three branches of the goverment check eacothers powers. For example the president appoints justices, the president can veto a bill, congress has to approve nominations for justices, congress and impeach the president, and so on. Because of this no one branch has complete control so they all balance each other out.

Big States and Small States

So that bigger states don't have power over smaller states congress is separated into two different groups. Senate and the House of Representatives. Senate has equal
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