Trinity Lutheran Church & Academy

August 1 - 7, 2021

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The Church Grounds Need Your Help!

We need volunteers to help with maintaining the landscaping of various areas around the church and in the courtyard, as well as at the front entrance. This would include spraying and replanting of flowers/shrubs, as needed. We would encourage individuals or a group/committee to take responsibility of one of these areas to monitor and do the work to keep it looking good. We also need a volunteer to help with some of the mowing using one of the zero-turn mowers.

The Property Board also needs more people to do get the many tasks of taking care of the grounds and facilities accomplished. There are always repairs & maintenance tasks that need to be done along with the daunting task of keeping the lawns mowed. We especially need people that can help with mowing with the zero-turn mowers we have.

If you or your group would like to volunteer to adopt a section or two of the grounds to care for or you would like to become a member of the Board of Properties please let Shashana or Ron Hendricks (770-855-9680, know.

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First let me being by apologizing for the lack of a report the last couple of months. Life happened - including a fried hard drive on our computer.

Our church year has started with a great first half. Church giving is running at approximately 110% of plan and TLA income at 108% of plan. Thank you all for your continued support.

Most areas of spending are well under control with total year to date spending at 51% of the annual plan. The month of June, however, did show a monthly deficit of approximately $19,000, but the majority of this was due to on time expenses. With the approval of the Board of Governors and consent of the PPC, we gave the TLA's lead teachers a one time bonus for the great work that they did throughout the pandemic. While this shows a budget spending, we are actually using funds that we received from the second PPC loan/grant. This amounted to almost $11,000. (Last year we granted one time bonuses to our staff for there support during the pandemic.) We also had a one time expenses of almost $3,000 for new tires and maintenance for the bus. In addition, we are starting to see some inflationary costs. Some items from our food service provider are higher (like sanitary gloves) with others not available requiring us to get something similar items from the grocery store, but at a higher price.

Overall we are in good financial shape, but will continue to monitor and make necessary adjustments as necessary. Our boards and staff continue to be good shepherds of all that is provided to the Church.

As always, if you have any questions that I can help with, please let me know.

Bill Rakosnik

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Attention Thrivent Members:

Trinity has $3585.77 in Thrivent Choice funds. It has been proposed that we use $1000 toward the new shed and $400 towards a new laptop computer for the church office. Please let Brenda Malueg know of your approval for these projects.



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After many months of not being able to enjoy fellowship after church, we feel that we can now have coffee fellowship and once again socialize with our friends. There is a sign-up sheet in the Gathering Room for the months of August and September for you to volunteer to bring treats! Since we have two services, please specify which service you will be supplying treats- 8:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. The coffee fellowship treats do not need to be elaborate-just a bite to go along with the coffee or juice. A special thank you to Harry who has supplied coffee and donuts for the month of July. Everyone has certainly enjoyed them! Please contact Camilla or the Board of Christian Service if you have any questions!

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Adult Bible Study

Please join Deaconess Carol as she leads a Sunday Morning Class on the Parables of Jesus. The class meets in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning. We hope to see you all there.


“What Drives Your Church?” is the primary question Pastor Rick Warren says every pastor and church member must ask. [in 15 years Pastor Rick built their church from one family to over 10,000 member!] In the five Sunday’s of August I will preach on the five part strategy Pastor Rick Warren believes will enable your church to grow.

  1. Warmer through fellowship
  2. Deeper through discipleship
  3. Stronger through worship
  4. Broader through ministry
  5. Larger through evangelism

If you can’t attend one of the Sunday services, please watch the website sermons and/or come to the 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Tuesday Bible class I will begin on August 3rd.

Pastor Teg

Here are two of the recent National LWML Grants -

1. Alaska LCMS Mission Church Outpost

2. Lizzie Comfort Dog Partnership Ministry Grant.

Bring your FULL Mite Box in.

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2 - Valerie Puryear

2 - Calvin Stansell

3 - Linda Arp

3 - Stan Clark

6 - Richard Brooks

6 - Amber Fowler

7 - Ietta Veeder

7 - Sierra Fowler

8 - Matthew Murphy

9 - Shannon Veeder

9 - Daniel Schmidt

13 - George Bates

13 - Abigail Nilsen

17 - Cliff Kachur

17 - Emma Gile

21 - Nadine Scholl

26 - Andrew Murphy

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This section is for prayer requests and prayers of Thanksgiving. If you have a request or a praise report please contact the church office at or call 706-546-1280 ext. 1.

Saundra Hammons, healing

Michael Hammons, healing

Amy Dawn Husfeld-Usalavage, Glenn and Jane Husfeld's daughter, healing from the return of Stage 4 cancer. Also pray for her children, Peyton, Hank, and Abby, for God's loving hand on them through this time

Terry Brewer, Friend of Tom & Sandra Sheridan, undergoing treatments for stage 4 lung cancer

Margrit Hendricks, Recovering from surgery

Phyllis Brooks, Hospitalized with low sodium levels

The Family of Hazel Yergey, Cathy Erbs mother, who passed away

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