Lightning Theif

By Rick Riordan


The book i had pick from my book talk is Percy Jackson The Lighting Theif. This book has a lot of intersting place they would go and it is in a greek theme. This book is also a series and has about 4 or 5 books that is compared to The Lighting Theif.


The setting in this book is like greek. I has goddess and different type of teen gods that goes to this camp called Camp Half Blood. Camp Half Blood is a safe camp where different teens of gods would go and train and use some of there powers. Percy is a poseidon that can control water at any time he needs to. In the camp they have only 1 poseidon and the others are hera, zeus, athena, hermes.

The people that are at that camp had one of there parents leave them when they were little so they can keep there kids safe. Grover Underwood was one of Percys first friends at Camp Half Blood cause they went to the same school together. Grover is a satyr. Then it comes to Annabeth Chase daughter of athena. She was the one to help out Percy with his problem and the lighting bolt. After what had happen to Luke and his plans and what he tryed to do to the goddess which in clues his dad and others.




My opinion on this book is that it is really good to read and has really cool advantures they would take and go to some nice places as they do there job and try to stop Lukes plan.


I would recommend this book to people who likes greek and goddess. And some type of awesome dystopian trips in books.