News From the Nest

Week of 9/28-10/2

Destiny Catalog System

Mrs. Sayre shared information about Destiny, our online library catalog system, with us this week. Students were shown how to log in to Destiny to check out an E-Book. E-Books checked out can be read on a computer or tablet.

Destiny also allows students to search for books that are in our school library. A feature called Destiny Quest shows popular books and new arrivals in our library which could help students prepare for which books they would like to check out next.

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Team Building

A highlight from the week was watching students work with their teammates during the Marshmallow Challenge. Using spaghetti noodles, tape, string, and a marshmallow, students had to work together to build the tallest freestanding structure that could hold the marshmallow on top. I loved seeing the creative ideas the students had and how well they worked together!


This week, we reviewed all the kinds of thinking we do while reading and students kept track of their thinking while reading independently. Students also participated in book discussions with classmates talking about their thinking. They used sentence prompts to help them share their thinking about their reading and to help them respond to each other while discussing a text. Next week, students will continue tracking their thinking while reading and having meaningful discussions about their reading during Book Talks with classmates.

Below are pictures of students having discussions about a short story that they read. We use a cooperative learning structure called Talking Chips to equalize participation in the discussion.

Word Study

Due to scheduling conflicts, I have decided that students will be given their new list of word work words each Wednesday, instead of Monday. Since we do not have DEB on Wednesday, this will give students more time to do their first sort in class and for me to meet with each group to discuss the spelling pattern they will be working with.


Next week students will finish revising and editing their personal narrative and begin publishing it. The final revision steps will include studying work done by other authors for revision ideas, working on developing the most exciting part of their story, and adding paragraphing to support sequencing.


Next week we will review strategies students learned in second grade to solve multi-digit addition and subtract problems. We will then focus on solving two-step word problems involving addition and subtraction. We will review the steps of solving word problems and how to look for key words in the problem to determine which operation should be used.


  • Reading Log due on Monday
  • Picture Day is Tuesday, September 29th
  • Tonight is the Goodrich Family Picnic at Castaldo Park from 5-7:30
  • The After School Program begins on Tuesday. Students staying for study hall need to bring a signed permission slip in each day that they plan to stay.