Macbeth is too Cocky!

Macbeth's downfall

There are many reasons that can be blamed for Macbeth's downfall but the biggest reason why Macbeth fell was his own cockiness. Macbeth became too confident in the idea that no matter what he did he couldn't fall from power. When you get to that level of cockiness you tend to become careless and make more mistakes. The witches original prophecy came partially true Macbeth but then Malcolm got named the next heir to the throne. Macbeth didn't even think twice about having to get rid of Malcolm some how so he could have the throne. "Prince of Cumberland! This is a step which I must fall down, or else overleap, for in my way it lies"(Shakespeare Act 1 scene 4). After Duncan's body was found and his sons had fled the country in fear of their lives the next people on Macbeth's hitless was Banquo and his son. The witches had prophesied that Banquo's sons would be kings and thats why he had to die. "And though I could with barefaced power sweep him from my sight and bid my will avouch it, yet I must not"(Shakespeare Act 3 scene 1). Here you can see that Macbeth is already getting super confident about his power even though he's only been king for a short little amount of time. Macbeth is also very manipulative, he's telling the 3 murders that he could easily take care of Banquo himself but he couldn't. His whole conversation with the murders in pretty sketchy with everything Macbeth says. The last show of Macbeth being too cocky is literally his last show of doing anything cause it's when he fights Macduff. In the witches final prophecy to Macbeth, where there is three apparitions finalizes in Macbeth's mind that he won''t be hurt or killed and that he'll have a long reign as king. The first apparition tells Macbeth that no one born of a woman can kill him. The second one tells Macbeth that he won't be defeated till Birnam woods come to Dusinane. The last apparition tells he to beware of Macduff. "Thou losest labor. A easy mayst thou the intrenchant air with thy keen sword impress as make me bleed. let fall they blade on vulnerable crest; i bear a charmed life which must not yield to one of woman born"(Shakespeare act 5 scene 8). While they're fighting Macduff tells Macbeth that he wasn't technically born of a woman cause he was ripped from her body not born naturally. When Macbeth learn that he doesn't know what to do because he came into the fight expecting to easily slay Macduff. Macbeth is slain by Macduff shortly after learning this fact. Macbeth was to trusting in the idea that no matter what happened he couldn't fail because he was destined to be king and thats the reason why he failed.

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates and Macbeth have a few things in common. The whole theme of Macbeth is basically Macbeth killing everyone who stands in his way to the throne of Scotland. Since Macbeth is such a psycho killer you don't really know who you can trust. For example Banquo was really close to Macbeth but since him and his sons stood in Macbeth's way they had to die. The main reason that Macbeth failed was the fact that he was too confident in himself and he was sure that he couldn't fail. Kevin Gates sometimes gets to confident in himself and doesn't really take the time to think about how the choices he makes in the moment will effect him later on. "Late night, when alone, can't sleep

I got too many problems

The weight of the world on my shoulders

Pray that heaven do something about it...

The friends I got 'round me

Wonder which one of them sour"(Gates).

In another song Kevin references to himself in the beginning, acknowledging that he messed up because he wasn't thinning and he took his situation for granted. So far Kevin hasn't gone as far as to be so cocky that he gets killed but he did find himself involved in a lawsuit because of something that happened at one of his concerts. Kevin Gates and Macbeth are similar because they've both made choices that has gotten them in trouble and the only person that can be blamed for their choices is themselves.

Big image

Macbeth Falls Off His Pedestal

This piece of artwork symbolizes Macbeth's downfall for a couple different reasons. First of all if you look at the picture the man is completely alone, there is no one else around. Macbeth put himself on a pedestal and he fell off it. In the picture the pedestal is pretty big, which represents the position of King. The longer the fall is the bigger the chance is that you won't survive when you hit the ground. Maybe if Macbeth had gone for a smaller position of power or just accepted the position he was already in he wouldn't lived, In the piece of art it shows that the guy ,Macbeth, fell headfirst, thats because Macbeth had such a big head about himself, and you can also see a crown falling from the the guys head. Everything in this piece of art represents something and it all can be linked back to the idea that Macbeth's downfall is to be blamed on his cockiness.