Circulatory System

Body Systems Project Part 3

Purpose of the Circulatory System

Transports materials through the entire body system to locations where they are needed.

Parts and Fuctions


Vessels that carry blood away from the heart


Moves oxygenated blood from the arteries to the tissues of the body.


Vessels that carry blood toward the heart.


Veins and Arteries serve the same function, just in different directions

Veins move blood to the heart

Arteries move the blood away from the heart.

Movement of Blood through the Heart

Blood moves into the heart through a vein and goes into the left valve, it is then oxygenated with oxygen from the lungs, and it moves through the right valve into the arteries.

Composition of Blood

Blood is formed of two main parts: plasma and the formed elements. Formed elements are the Platelets, Erythrocytes (red blood cells) and Leukocytes (white blood cells) . The formed elements are located in the plasma membrane.



Too many fats in the body can cause the fats to harden in the blood stream, causing blockage and hardened veins and arteries can cause less blood flow. It is mostly caused by intake of too many fatty foods. Surgery is usually used to forcibly stop the buildup of plaque.

Angina Pectoris

This disorder occurs when the heart is not receiving enough blood, causing a pressure-like pain in the chest area. It is usually not caused by outside influences, but it is genetic. It is usually treated with prescription drugs.

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