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Dear Alena and iGT team,

It has been 4 months since 2016 started and the partnership between our entities have become stronger with every passing day. AIESEC in India is proud to have you as our National partners and is extremely happy with the quality of internship that have been provided by you.

Our EPs have given us positive feedback about their experience in your beautiful country, we cannot wait for more and more of Indians to experience professional leadership development through your challenging TN opportunities. Finally, I would thank you for being an integral part in the growth of the program in India and for your constant support.

Lets continue building on the partnership to achieve higher results in the coming days!

Lots of love

What AIESEC India has to offer ?

2016 AIESEC India, Global Talent | EP Search Tool

The search tool is the centralized National Search tool which contains :

  • All sub product EP information
  • Contact list of LCVPs 2016

The tool is regularly updated and only contains all the EPs who have recently been raised and adhere to minimum standards set by AIESEC India for every EP, to ensure that you get the best quality of EPs.

Click Here for the Search tool

EP Package!

At AIESEC in India, we believe that every single EP that is raised needs to have a certain quality of skill and talent to ensure that our partners get only the best EPs from India.

How does AIESEC in India ensure quality of EPs?

We have partnered with external organisations to ensure every lead is filtered so that we get only the top EPs to be raised.

What Filtration tools does AIESEC in India use ?

  1. Assesshub : It is an online platform that tests the technical skills of every EP to test their employability and gives an report showing the eligibility of every EP.
    Link to the website :

  2. ePoise : An online app to take virtual interviews of EPs to ensure that they have high level of communication and verbal skills.
    Link to the website :

  3. EP Video : Every EP that is raised has a customized video recorded and uploaded for the TN Taker to go through for screening, this is to showcase the quality of the EP.

  4. High Quality CV : Every EP has a CV which goes through a quality check locally to ensure that it is being presented in the best format with the right information.

  5. Other documents : EPs are asked to upload other relevant documents to their application such as case studies, national certification, published articles etc to showcase the quality of work previously done by EPs.

What is an EP Package ?

An EP Package is a folder made for every EP that has all the information mentioned above. This will help you understand the profile of the EP, It consists of :

  • Assesshub test report
  • EP video
  • CV
  • Relevant documents

Click HERE for the link of EP packages.

India - US Searchtool

We have a customized search tool between our entities to ensure that our communication becomes more clear and efficient. The search tool contains the following information :

  • EPs from India
  • TNs for India
  • Timelines
  • EP profile expected

Click HERE for the link of the search tool.

Specialization of Sub Products

We have EPs of the following background :

  • IT
  • Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Engineering

Click Here to go through the Sub product tabs.

India - US Partnership manager | Varun Vij