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All About Thermal Cutouts & Switches

Thermal Cutouts are heat-sensitive switches which are used when the operating temperature exceeds a safe value. It opens the circuit motor of an electric motor or other similar device to control the temperature. Different types of Thermal Cutouts are:

• Self Hold Thermal Cutout – a combination of thermal and resistor and uses bimetal to control temperatures in an open state.
• Resetable Thermal Cutout – these are used in electric motors, transformers, etc where it is mounted directly into windings. It is also used in the protection and controlling of heaters.

Thermal Switches also come under the category of Thermal Cutouts. Let’s see about them.

Thermal Switches are highly suited for high-end applications where manufacturers need customised switches that will serve the specific needs and desires. But before using these switches, it needs to be tested for electromechanical control and safety provisions before it is made available for sales.

For all the manufacturers who produce high-end products need high quality switches and they cannot accept even the slightest error as it could cause a major havoc. You can take an aeroplane or a helicopter for an example of high-end products and can imagine the disaster if the quality of product is poor. When it is the case of jet boats, they have to use the waterproof switches.

Hence, it becomes imperative for the manufacturer to look for and select the best available provider. The Thermal Switches must also score well against parameters like environment and weather so that it does not falter after its execution. Hence, QC is important before using it. thermal protectors are also suitable for fluorescent light fixtures used in construction and industrial organisations.