The Power of Plants

The Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

What's So Special?

Vegan diets are becoming more and more prevalent in today's society. People all over the country, and even the world are giving up animal products completely and relying solely on what the earth provides. It is certainly healthier for you, and it's easier than ever to stick to the greens!


Everybody knows how important it is to eat your vegetables, but is it healthy to eat only veggies? Actually, yes! There are so many people who think that a vegan diet will keep you from getting essential nutrients, but doctors say that has less to do with a lack of meat and more do to with a lack of a plan. Poor meal planning is what causes the loss of all these nutrients. Without the meat, many don't know how to have a balanced meal. But once you do, there are tons of benefits. On a vegan diet, you are completely cholesterol free and you get to skip out on a lot of saturated fat. This puts you at a lower risk for many medical issues as well, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, diverticulitis, renal disease, a few types of cancer, and gallstones. People on such a healthy diet are also slimmer and look healthier than omnivores.

What Does a Vegan Diet Include?

The staples of a vegan diet are usually fruits, vegetables, soy, nuts, and legumes. Vegans will cut out all flesh, fish, fowl, dairy products, eggs, honey, animal gelatin, and any other foods that come from animals.
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