sales tax and discount

Jerry c

Mario costume

original price: 24.99

coupon used: 5%

calculation with coupon: 23.74

tax owed: 2.08

Price with tax: 25.82

resource: Target

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original price: 2.15

coupon used: 10%

calculation with coupon: 1.94

tax owed: 1.17

Price with tax: 2.11

resource: wallmart

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original price: 179.99

coupon used: 20%

calculation with coupon: 143.99

tax owed: 12.60

Price with tax: 156.59

resource: best buy

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original price: 198.00

coupon used: 45%

calculation with coupon: 108.90

tax owed: 9.53

Price with tax: 118.43

resource: ebay

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original price: 54.95

coupon used:

calculation with coupon: 54.95

tax owed: 4.81

Price with tax: 59.76

resource: faze apparel store

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Nike air max

original price: 89.99

coupon used:

calculation with coupon: 89.99

tax owed: 7.87

Price with tax: 97.86

resource: foot locker

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