Monday Talk

September 28, 2015


**Please continue to lift up Dawn Priest’s mother and a Speedy Recovery to Marcia Hendrick! Kinney's mother had her surgery and as of last report she was doing fine. His wife had been under the weather as well but is feeling better. Tamara's Daddy is recovering from his surgery and has come home!!!

YAY.....Laura Carter is approaching her due date and we wish her the best!

Kuddos to Aril Lee, Sarah Holden, and Karen Henley. The three will be attending NCCAT this week for Professional Development. They will be sharing their experience with us at the next faculty meeting!!!!

(Please email me if there is any celebrations or sharing that needs to be added to our Monday Talks…..if I miss anything please let me know……thanks)


PBIS Celebration was a HUGE success. Thank You PBIS team for you dedication to planning a framework that is promoting Positive Behavior at Highfalls. 256 of 274 students qualified for our first PBIS Celebration!!!!!
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Grade 4 Students participated in their fist session of Pet Responsibility. They will continue this on Thursdays throughout the month of October!!!!!
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This Week of Events at Highfalls

The Fire Marshall will be visiting this week (Strong Possibility Monday). Thank you for the pics of the material being sprayed. It is documented in the front office!

September 28

Vertical PLC Meetings 2:45-3:30

Math: Discuss and Share Strategies/Resources that you are using with parents to help with New York Engage Implementation.

Reading: Discuss and Review SRI / mCLass data. Grades K-1 organzie students into LLI groups that will take place during EXCEL outside of LLI with Ms. Brown

Fall Festival Committee Meeting: 3:30 April Lees Room

September 30

PLCs with Kelly Priest in the Design Room

Next Week's Events at Highfalls

October 6

6:00 - PTA Meeting; Title I Overview; PAC Mr. Chris Morgan

October 7

PD on site by IC: Making Connections/Activating Background Knowledge

October 8

Dr. Bob Classroom Visits!!! 10:20-11:00

October 9

Middle School Dance: Teacher Volunteers Needed to Chaperone!!!!!

Thank You Dr. Bob!!!!

In 3rd grade Journeys the students are reading a story about Baseball player Roberto Clemente. Last year Dr. Bob was visiting Vass Elementary School while students were reading this story. He shared a personal story of meeting Clemente. This year their teachers asked him if he’d video his story so all the kids could hear it. He was gracious enough to film a 7 minute video that shares the life of Clemente and then Dr. Bob’s brush with fame as a child. Vass shared the video with Ms. Maness and she incorporated it into her instruction this week!!!!!

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Dr. Bob 2

October 6, 2015

Join Us! PTA Night; October 6 @6:00! President M Clendenin & PAC Rep. C. Morgan will be Providing Parent Information!!
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On-Site Professional Development

Book Study (Media Center 2:45pm)

September 21st Chapters 1 and 2

October 12th Chapter 3

October 26th Chapter 4

November 9th Chapter 5

November 23rd Chapter 6

December 7th Chapter 7-9

Literacy PD (Media Center 2:45 pm)

September 2nd Monitoring/Clarifying (“Fix-up Strategies”)

October 7th Making Connections/Activating Background Knowledge

November 4th Visualizing

December 2nd Evaluating/Determining Importance

Math PD

September 16th MP1 and Problem Solving Strategies

October 21st MP2 and Number Talks

November 18th MP3 and Thinking Aloud

December 16th MP4 and Modeling


Sarah and I were discussing how her 6th grade students are always motivated and eager to learn. Sarah sent me this over the weekend and I thought I would share it! Thanks Ms. Holden!!!!
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Daily Expectations for Soaring to Excellence

Bell to Bell Instruction

Alignment to Standards


Student Engagement

Differentiated Instruction

Posted and Aligned "I Can Statements"

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